Posted by: abake23 | August 10, 2009

Album Review: Detroit Deli

This one was an indisputable classic.

It was “Detroit Deli” by Slum Village.

Classic beats by J Dilla, B.R. Gunna, and Black Milk, plus slick rhymes by Elzhi and T3 made for a very clever yet deep album. Slum Village’s fourth album was released on June 9, 2004 shortly after the late Baatin decided to leave the group. From one to thirteen the tape is awesome, leaving no “filler” tracks or useless rambling interludes. Hit single “Selfish,” the song that the group is most noted for, was Kanye West’s blessing to the album. West produced it, and the track also featured a young & soulful John Legend. (Both of whom were gaining extreme popularity in mainstream music at the time.) That one song being the reason most people have even heard of Slum Village, however it is not nearly their only relatable ode to the ladies or the only heartfelt track. If anything, “Closer” featuring Dwele may be more of a love inducing joint than “Selfish.” “Old Girl” also hit a musical taste bud, calling out to all the struggling single mothers in the world and wishing them the best during their struggle. “Keep Holding On,” is a anthem to people that may be in a emotional, physical, or financial low. It is basically the “keep your head up hood anthem” of the CD. “Things We Do” is very slick and flows very nicely throughout. “Count The Ways” is a very, and i stresss very smooth song about the steps toward making love to a woman, on which Dwele delivers a beautiful vocal once again. After listening to the album, it just leaves you a fiend for more. All in all, this is a MUST HAVE for any true hip-hop fan.



Just To Vent, The 2 out of 5 stars rating given by Rolling Stone is absolutely absurd and downright disrespectful. (Average user rating is 4 out of 5 stars)

John Legend also had a remix to “Selfish” that was awesome.

And last but not least,

R.I.P. to Baatin, and R.I.P. to my boy J Dilla.



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